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Hydraulic hose build shopAmerican Equipment, LLC has a state of the art hydraulic hose build shop where we make quality hoses, quickly while you wait. We can repair hydraulic hoses on all makes and models, including CAT reusable ends. We are certified by CAT for repairing their hoses. American Equipment also stocks coupling, hoses, and adapters of all sizes. All the hydraulic hoses we use are Caterpillar products. Why might you ask? There are three main reasons for hydraulic hose failure:

External Damage

Hydraulic hose manufacturers estimate that 80% of hose failures are attributable to external physical damage through pulling, kinking, crushing or abrasion of the hose. Abrasion caused by hoses rubbing against each other or surrounding surfaces is the most common type of damage. To prevent external damage, ensure all clamps are kept secure, pay careful attention to routing whenever a replacement hose is installed and if necessary, apply inexpensive polyethylene spiral wrap to protect hydraulic hoses from abrasion.

Multi-plane Bending

Bending a hydraulic hose in more than one plane results in twisting of its wire reinforcement. A twist of five degrees can reduce the service life of a high-pressure hydraulic hose by as much as 70% and a seven degree twist can result in a 90% reduction in service life. Multi-plane bending is usually the result of poor hose-assembly selection and/or routing but can also occur as a result of inadequate or unsecure clamping where the hose is subjected to machine or actuator movement.

Operating Conditions

The operating conditions that a correctly installed hydraulic hose is subjected to will ultimately determine its service life. Extremes in temperature, e.g. high daytime operating temperatures and very cold conditions when the machine is standing at night, accelerate aging of the hose's rubber tube and cover.

Frequent and extreme pressure fluctuations, e.g. rock hammer on a hydraulic excavator, accelerate hose fatigue. In applications where a two-wire braid reinforced hydraulic hose meets the nominal working pressure requirement but high dynamic pressure conditions are expected, the longer service life afforded by a spiral reinforced hydraulic hose will usually more than offset the higher initial cost.

Cat Hoses


Abrasion Resistance Chart

Abrasion resistance is a key feature of Cat hose. Without sacrificing cold flex capability, Cat’s XT ES Hoses offer up to 20 times more abrasion resistance than industry standard hoses.

Half The Bend Radius

Bend radius example

Due to construction of Cat hoses they have half the SAE required bend radius. This means they fit better in tight spaces and require less hose when routing or plumbing a machine.

Pulse Test

Pulse Test chart

The chart below shows aged impulse cycle SAE standards versus what Cat requires of their hoses. In many cases Cat hoses are required to be twice the industry standard.

Cat Certified Crimp

Certified crimp

Permanent couplings must be crimped to exacting tolerances, and our assemblers pay close attention to this critical part of the assembly process. Each hose size has different requirements to meet, and here at American Equipment we test each hose. Should your hose fail to fall within these tolerances we’ll make you a new one

CATERPILLAR "Certified Clean"

Certified Clean

State-of-the-art tooling allows our assemblers to remove contaminant particles that traditional cleaning methods leave inside the hose. Once this cleaning --which involves blasting a foam projectile through the assembly --is complete, we cap the ends of the clean assembly until installation.